Rather than merely joining two schools, we want to create a real network between children on those 4 continents. Such a network can only be beneficial to their education and perception of the world, adding a new, more human side to globalization.

We will be carrying school supplies, and any creation that the children want to send to each-other (notebooks, photographs, drawings,…) and documents to present our journey (photographs and films).

Each of our stops will be an occasion to collect a local legend or tale about the sea, that we will be passing on from school to school. This collection of stories and objects will be the link between the children, uniting them around the same Ocean, and its myths, through cultural diversity. It will enable them to exchange on their lifestyles, finding out what makes them different from others, but also their common dreams and games. We will also gladly present our own vision of the sea, next to which these children grow up and try to understand together its impact on each of our lives and the issues it represents for the future.