A story to tell

We will take many photographs and film clips throughout our journey. Our aim is:

-To explain what offshore sailing is, and what living on a boat is like.

-To render the beautiful sceneries that one can find all around the Atlantic.

-Most of all to present our encounters: at each stop, we will make a point of  understanding some of the local history and the lives people we meet, especially the teachers, volunteers and children, but also all those who would like to participate.

We will thus be able to produce a documentary as close as possible to the lives of the communities we come across.

Our multi-subject scientific training will also enable us to explain some of the most mysterious features of the sea through short film clips and discussion.

These documents will be uploaded to this website at stopovers and our GPS position will be updated daily so that everyone can follow our progress, we will also be able to send short notes on a daily basis.

When the journey is over and we are safely back home, we will organize exhibitions at the École Normale Supérieure and at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie to present the pictures and photographs we will have collected.