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We share a passion for sailing and sailing stories, from the Odyssey to the Volvo Ocean Race. The three of us shall set sail in October 2012 for a 20 000 mile-long journey around the Atlantic, pushing as far south as Argentina.

This human challenge starts on land, with the maintenance and preparation of the boat: We will have to rely on her for more than 160 days at sea, she will be our home for 10 months, so we can leave nothing to chance.

Our journey will take us from France to Senegal, then across the Atlantic  to Brazil and Argentina; we will then sail back North into the Caribbean Sea and back to France on a second Atlantic crossing. We will be working with associations for the education of street children in Senegal, schools in Rio de Janeiro and Brittany, and a non-profit organization that provides food and education to children in Haiti.

On the English version of the site, you will find more information about:

-The story we want to tell.

-Our project with children from all around the Ocean.